"We had the pleasure of working with Karin to plan and coordinate our wedding. From the day we met her, she was so friendly, supportive, professional and organized. She responded promptly to any questions or concerns we had, taking the time to explain things thoroughly to us. Her attention to detail and organization made the planning process so smoothly, and she made sure to check in frequently to help us sort out small details we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. She advocated for us throughout the process when small hiccups arrived, making us feel especially cared for.

On the day of our wedding, she made sure the details were perfect, allowing us to fully enjoy the celebration. Karin constantly checked in with us throughout the day, never hesitating to get us what we needed or to offer us emotional support and encouragement. She is absolutely amazing and we are so privileged to have worked with her!"

“Karin constantly checked in with us throughout the day, never hesitating to get us what we needed or to offer us emotional support and encouragement.”


"As my wife was doing some research and browsing for a wedding planner, she came across Karin Wu and Co. via Instagram and we decided to message her on a whim and inquire about her services and whether she’d be the right fit for us and our wedding planning needs! To this day, it was the best decision that she made for us and our wedding planning process! What an absolute blessing Karin was to our whole entire wedding planning process, from beginning to end.

 Throughout all our pre-planning meetings, site visits, vendor exploration and selection to the final stages and minute refinement of the planning process, Karin not only made it fun, but most importantly, made the process a very stress, worry and frustration-free experience. Karin made wedding planning an absolute experience that no one should miss or be fearful of!

As the months progressed and the planning evolved, the anticipation and excitement of looking forward to our day kept building and building in ways that could not be described adequately in just words! Then to witness Karin’s execution of the entire plan and all the details involved in a couple’s most memorable special day flawlessly and with such poise, precision and professionalism was the most blessed gift on our special day!

 Karin was absolutely instrumental in truly making our special day one for the ages! My wife and I aim to live our life full of love, adventure and with no regrets! Inviting Karin to be at the helm of our wedding planning and wedding day was the first and foremost decision that we made as a couple and one with no regrets whatsoever! To be truly worry free, to truly immerse yourself in one’s most special day and to truly celebrate one of life’s milestones with all your loved ones and close friends and to proudly share with everyone that without Karin Wu and Co. this would not have been possible was the true “icing” on the cake!"

“Karin made wedding planning an absolute experience that no one should miss or be fearful of!”

katherine & jonathan

“Karin made our dream wedding come true! My partner and I were completely overwhelmed when it came to wedding planning. We just didn't know where to start, what needed to be booked, what were reasonable prices, etc. Then we met Karin and she made everything a breeze! We were able to focus on our vision, and she found the right vendors to bring everything to life. She is unbelievably organized and such a dream to work with. My partner and I are a very indecisive couple, and Karin was always patient, but kept us on track. And on the day of the wedding, Karin and her assistant truly went above and beyond to make sure we were stress free and could enjoy the day. The wedding was beautiful and we had an amazing time, so we owe a HUGE thanks to Karin and her team!!”

“We had the perfect wedding because of Karin!”

joanna & bryan

"Karin Wu gets an absolute recommendation from my wife and I. Karin and her team pulled off the impossible, we had two weeks, a difficult venue, multiple moving parts and a newly amended date - it went amazingly well.

Our compliments to the whole team!"

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

neena & fab

"Karin did a fantastic job helping us coordinate our wedding! Our wedding ran smoothly, and we are SO happy with the way it turned out. Karin shows so much professionalism in her work, she is very responsive, and offers a lot of insight on details I might've missed. She is splendid to work with, 10/10 would recommend."

“10/10 would recommend”


"Everyone knows stress makes you look worse and weddings are one of the worst culprits. All that organizing, the phone calls, the fussy relatives...no more! Forget the spa treatments and facials, just get Karin, the ultimate wedding planner, to take all that stress away! It'll leave you glowing and happy, just the way you want to look for your wedding photos!

Karin was our month-of coordinator for our wedding and she was absolutely amazing to work with throughout the process. She is responsive to communications, extremely capable in managing vendors, and all-around pleasant to work with. Nothing got past her and she was friendly and professional in every regard.

Having Karin manage our wedding day was also the best decision we could've made. Such a big day with so many things that can go wrong. If there was no Karin, all of those things would come my way (as the bride). No thank you. Karin was the invisible hand guiding everything to smoothness.
From our initial consultation, where Karin brought all her materials in a binder for us to review, to the post-wedding feedback session, we have nothing but wonderful things to say. We would absolutely recommend Karin to anyone looking to get married!"

“Forget the spa treatments and facials, just get Karin, the ultimate wedding planner!”

sharon & edward

“Everything regarding what to expect and even things that were not thought of, had been outlined and thoroughly broken down from the beginning in very helpful templates. She is incredibly professional, organized, very responsive and provided quick turnaround time with every inquiry that was made. Karin was able to liaison with all our vendors to ensure everyone was on the same page and had the detailed schedule flowing nicely on our wedding day.

Her team that aided us on the day of our wedding were very supportive and patient with us as we had to change part of the photo shot list and location sessions due to bad weather. Her team went out of their way and managed to set up the reception hall which should have been done before they arrived at the venue. During our reception, they were helpful with keeping us on time, giving us a heads up regarding what happens next and keeping on top of last minute changes with seating guests who did not RSVP.

We definitely appreciate the post-wedding meeting as it speaks to her level of professionalism and openness to feedback. We would highly recommend Karin Wu & Co to all couples who are looking for a Wedding Coordinator. We would give her a 5/5!

Thank you so much, Karin for all of your hard work and patience!”

“We knew we found an amazing Month-of-Coordinator from our first meeting with her!”

valeria & hector

“Due to our work schedules, my fiancé (now husband) and I had to work the day prior to our wedding. I was actually in the US for a business conference and arrived back in Toronto the day before our wedding. Therefore, we needed someone who was hands-on, organized, and reliable. And Karin was all of that and more! I honestly cannot say enough about how she saved my wedding day. I am a HUGE control freak and Karin was able to keep me calm and handle ALL of my bridezilla moments.

I also had a lot of last minute details/itinerary changes prior to the wedding and Karin made all the appropriate accommodations/changes without hesitation..

To give you some context, I had a full blown traditional wedding with approx. 200 guests, a Catholic Church ceremony, sit-down reception, hired MC, florals/décor (including DIY), and Chinese Tea Ceremony:

1. We had a florist that was super unresponsive after she took our final payment. We had a series of issues with her including meeting cancellations and other issues. Of course, as expected, on the day of our wedding, our Florist did not arrive to the church as scheduled and was not answering any of our calls. Karin had everything under control and was able to finally get in contact with the florist who arrived just in time for our wedding ceremony.

No fault of Karin’s, as we booked the florist prior to hiring Karin - the florist actually provided the wrong flowers for our bridal bouquets for our ceremony and because of the last minute mishap, Karin worked directly with the florist to physically made sure that the floral centrepieces we ordered were correct as well. Keep in mind, our church was in North York and our venue was in Kleinburg!

2. One of my Bridemaids left her personal items in the church after the ceremony and Karin personally drove back to the church from Kleinburg to retrieve it!

3. We had a lot of last minute, day of, guest cancellations, (about 6) and because we already paid for the venue in full, Karin was able to work with the venue and get us some of our money back on the “no shows”!

4. Karin, being trilingual, also saved the day being “Lady Luck” for my Chinese Tea Ceremony

5. We had a fire alarm go off during our reception, and Karin quickly acted to get the alarm turned off immediately.

6. Because the fire alarm went off, it resetted all of the electrical controls during our reception and Karin efficiently worked with the DJs and the venue to ensure sound and lighting was working perfectly.

7. The venue was supposed to provide a table for our last night snack (Burgers and fries) but did not have one available, so Karin improvised and carried all our receiving table items into Bridal suite for safe keeping and moved the table into the hall for the late night snack setup BY HERSELF (because the venue refused to touch our things).

She handled everything behind the scenes so well that many of our guests (including THE judgey Aunt) commented on how efficient and smooth our wedding was.

Karin was definitely the unsung hero of the night. We never once had to get involved with any of the issues and she handled everything promptly and efficiently. I could have not asked for a better Wedding coordinator. She made our night so fun and stress-free. Definitely recommend!!"

“Karin was beyond amazing!”

priscilla & james

“Karin is meticulous at every stage of the planning process and never ceased to amaze me with her professionalism, her passion and creativity. My husband and I were on a fairly tight budget and Karin made our vision for our wedding day a reality, delivering a champagne wedding on a beer budget. We could not have been more happy. Our day was magical and we can thank Karin and her team for that.”

“Karin and her team were an absolute dream to work with! ”

leigh-anne & marvin

“We hired her as a Month-of-Coordinator. From the first time we met, she blew us away with her organization, eye for detail, and flexibility. We had to make some last minute changes to our itinerary, and she was helpful and accommodating with every new thing we threw at her.

Our families were reassured with the mini-itinerary she made for them, which was a lifesaver. We knew we were in safe hands as the wedding approached, and the actual day went amazingly well. She and her assistant were hard at work the whole day, making sure that everything came together.

All of our guests were impressed by the smoothness of the day, and we recommend her wholeheartedly! If you want to have a good time at your own wedding, Karin is your lady!”

“Hiring Karin Wu & Co. was the best decision we made in our wedding planning.”

robyn & chris

“We hired Karin for month of coordination, and the materials she provided were so detailed. Communication was always prompt and she addressed every point or concern I had. I was so happy with the services she and her assistant provided for us, I barely lifted a finger on my wedding day. But the best thing (and most memorable thing) was the emotional support I felt from them. Sometimes things are out of your control, and it would have stressed me out immensely, but Karin was there to sort and iron out all the issues that came up. Thank you Karin!!”

“Karin Wu & Co. was definitely the reason I was able to remain calm leading up to and on my wedding day.”

janet & raymond

“She was our wedding day coordinator with only two weeks to get up to speed for our big day. Karin definitely went out of her way to ensure we got everything we were looking for. She is a rising star and we would be delighted to recommend her.”

“Karin was very responsive and reliable.”

carol & jason

“She brought along sample itineraries, documents, and emergency kit (which thankfully we didn't have to use!) to give us an idea of her thought process and how she goes on to planning/executing a wedding. We hired her for month-of planning.

She was on top of things, extremely organized, responsive, and most of all, very patient during all the back and forth changes that had to be made to our itinerary. Everything went so smoothly and stress-free that day - we are extremely thankful for all her help and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is considering a wedding planner!”

“Where do I begin? Karin blew us away the first time we met her.”

rosanna & alex

She was my month of coordinator for my wedding and went above and beyond what I expected!

“Karin and her team are amazing and hardworking.”

chantelle & bruce


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“Karin has shown me how professional she is as a wedding planner. She is organized and responsive. She is also able to think fast on her feet when unexpected situation arises. She will be a great wedding planner to help you keep your wedding organized and stress free so you can enjoy your big day. I highly recommend her services to all future couples!“

- m cake design


“I've worked with numerous planners in my career and not all of them know how to work with the MC in order to bring the best out of the reception (the meat of any wedding).”

- roy pro mc

“Karin was a pleasure to work with. We were part of a styled shoot together and she was very organized and well prepared, i think she would be an asset to anyone looking for a stress free event!”

- fairy florals

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